Infographic guide to dog fouling and Poo Patrol

Won’t dog poo decompose? Isn’t it beneficial for plants and the environment? Surely if it’s out of the way it’s fine? But did you know that a single gram of dog poo can contain 23 million bacteria! Or that parasites in dog poo can cause humans abdominal pain, fever, breathing difficulties, seizures, blindness and even potentially death? Poo Patrol’s handy infographic guide shows the impawtance of tackling complacency and the failure to clean up dog poo. The guide then showcases Poo Patrol’s platform, toolkit and approach to solving this issue. The infographic is our first step in building a broad community that shares information, tools and experiences to address and conquer the problem, for our health and that of the next generations. If you enjoyed our guide, please share on Facebook and If you would like to get involved, get in touch!